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Essential Tips for First-time Founders
Leveraging 25 years of successfully raising capital for numerous businesses and funds, Rob Williams presents…


Rob Williams unveils the observations and insights he has gathered over 25 years securing funds for start-ups and scaling businesses to exit.


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Cultivate an Unshakeable Self-Belief: Learn to navigate the uncertainty of the capital raising process with confidence, reinforcing the faith in your vision, and persisting through challenging times.

Understand What Makes Businesses Valuable to Investors: Decode the mindset of venture capitalists and angel investors to better position your business and increase its attractiveness.

Master the Art of Finding and Engaging Investors: Uncover the inside secrets of the investor world - where to find them, how to approach them, and the art of pitching your business effectively.

Navigate the Intricacies of Capital Markets: Capital markets can often seem like a closed world. Understand how they operate and learn strategies to properly leverage them for your benefit.

Hone Your Ability to Execute and Make Wise Choices: As a founder, your ability to execute and make good decisions is crucial. Get equipped with tools and strategies to sharpen these essential skills, guiding your venture to success.

From boosting your confidence to mastering investor interactions, from navigating the complex world of capital markets to honing your decision-making skills - this book is your roadmap to triumphantly securing your first round of funding.

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Unlesh your potential as a founder
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this book is a must have for you if you are

A Founder Terrified of Failure: If the fear of failure is holding you back from pursuing your ambitious venture, this guide will provide the confidence and knowledge to conquer that fear and move forward.

A Dreamer with Ambitions of Raising Capital: If you aspire to raise your first round of capital and set your business on the path to success, this book is your step-by-step guide to making that dream a reality.

A Seeker of Inside Information: For those who desire a deeper understanding of the secrets that only experienced fund-raisers know about navigating the world of investors and capital markets.

A Visionary with a Brilliant Business Idea: If you're brimming with innovative ideas but lack the necessary resources to implement them, this book will teach you how to attract investors who can turn your vision into reality.

An Entrepreneur Aspiring to Master Execution: If you're aiming to improve your decision-making skills and ability to execute effectively, this book will equip you with the essential tools and strategies.

In Search of a Proven, Time-Tested Method to Raising Capital: No tricks or quick fixes - this book offers a reliable, proven approach to securing your first round of funding, based on 25 years of expertise.

Desiring Strategies to Secure Capital without Personal Debt: Learn how to raise funds without getting into personal debt or risking your own money. This book teaches you how to stay in the "Zone of Fairness" and create win-win situations for both you and your investors.

Unlesh your potential as a founder
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Welcome to the buzzing world of fundraising

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a budding business hoping to raise some investment. Well, you’ve landed in the right  spot.

“Score Your Next Top Investor with My First Time Raise!”
Hey there, I’m Rob Williams, the founder of Fielding Global and First Time Raise. With a background spanning Private Equity, Venture Capital, and private investment, and having a hand in various deals from small angel cheques of $50k to a whopping $5 billion, I’m the guy to turn to when it comes to business growth & investor matchmaking.


“The Magic of Capital Markets: Taking Your Business from Good to Great”

I’ve helped businesses go from a small idea to a giant exit, turning the founders into overnight millionaires. Now, it’s your turn to benefit from my insights and experience.

With my deep love for capital markets and their ability to rocket business growth, I’ve seen how capital can change a business and make dreams come true. No matter your business size or growth stage, the power of capital markets can help you achieve more.

With years of work in M&A, leading billion-dollar units, and linking founders with investors, I’ve seen how capital markets can unlock unlimited opportunities for businesses. I’m here to tell you that capital markets should not just be an option; they should be your primary consideration.

“Fundraising Journey: I’ll Be With You Every Step of the Way”
If you’re a new business looking for funding, or if you’re struggling to get your fundraising off the ground, you’re in the right place. As an investor and broker, I connect investors and businesses, helping companies like yours reach their fundraising goals. With a vast network of contacts, I know what investors want, what excites them, and what turns them off. Let me help you steer your fundraising towards success.

“Beware the 85% Failure Rate: Our New Book Will Guide You to Fundraising Success!”
But here’s the truth – fundraising is tough. In fact, 85% of fund raises fail. That’s why I’ve put together a resource to help you avoid the pitfalls most new businesses face when trying to raise funds.


We get it, fundraising can be overwhelming and it can dent your confidence, especially if you’re new to this. But the key is to act now, as waiting could complicate things and cost you more. And that’s where Your First Time Raise comes in. Our team will guide you through your fundraising journey, ensuring you steer clear of those who might take advantage. Our aim is to help you build your confidence and empower you to achieve your fundraising goals.


Don’t let fear hold you back any longer. Take action now, for by the end of this, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to speed up your fundraising implementation. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

Thank you for considering Your First Time Raise. We look forward to helping you succeed in your fundraising efforts.

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ROb williams is a seasoned fundraising strategist and the founder of first time raise and fielding global

Known for his keen insights in Private Equity, Venture Capital, and private investments, Rob has been a key player in a diverse range of deals, from modest $50k ventures to colossal $5 billion undertakings.

As a serial entrepreneur and investment maestro, Rob has contributed to, developed, or steered to success numerous businesses spanning various sectors, from start-ups to corporate giants, with their financial prowess ranging from $3 million to a staggering $4 billion.

Rob’s versatile skillset and influence extend beyond raising funds. He has completed over 30 M&A deals and overseen multi million dollar business units with eminent firms like Capita, G4S and Manpower negotiated deals with international hotel groups, fashion houses, managed an international commodities fund, and provides business advice to the next unicorns in deep tech Ai and blockchain.

Currently, Rob is based between Gloucestershire, UK and the Canary Islands, Spain. He devotes his time to investing in promising enterprises and advising business owners on how to tap into the power of capital markets to boost their growth, scale, and eventually prepare for a successful exit.

Unlesh your potential as a founder
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Transforming vision into investment success: Case studies of empowered entrepreneurs i have worked with

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